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About Metro Phoenix Bank

Our Vision

Management’s mission is for the Bank to be a well-managed, profitable commercial bank servicing the banking needs of businesses in the Phoenix Metropolitan area.  Other banks in the Phoenix area continue to purse retail banking opportunities based on market conditions and population influx. With an abundance of local “money center” banks and credit unions to handle these market needs, we differentiate ourselves from our competitors by focusing on commercial and real estate customers, lending opportunities and by building banking relationships.


Jack W. Hilton  Director (Chairman)
James R. Barrons  Director (Vice Chairman)
Stephen P. Haggard   Director/President/CEO
Robert Bisetti  Director
Douglas S. Gardner   Director
Lori R. Jones  Director
Dr. Matthew Keene  Director
Michael Stephenson  Director

Executive Management

Stephen P. Haggard   Director/President/CEO
Helen C. DeFusco  EVP, Chief Financial Officer
Michael Morano  EVP, Chief Credit Officer

Board of Directors

About MPB Hilton Jack W. Hilton has been a professional real estate investor since 1980. He is currently the President/Owner of Hilton Mortgage Corporation, and is the General Partner of the Hilton Equity Group. These two entities, which are real estate investment companies, comprise the majority of Jack Hilton's net worth.

Hilton Mortgage Corporation (HMC) is an Arizona Corporation, which has funded private money "bridge" loans since 1990. HMC is a licensed mortgage lender, specializing in originating private money real estate loans. HMC provides timely bridge real estate loans for the acquisition of real estate, and for the construction/development of real estate projects. These projects will primarily be located in Arizona, Hawaii, Utah, and on a case-by-case basis in other locations in the United States. HMC places these loans, once funded, with private investors who want to earn an above market interest rate on a well-secured deed of trust. By providing quick response funding at reasonable prices to borrowers, and well-secured deeds of trust to private investors, HMC has earned a reputation for exemplary performance.

Jack Hilton is a former Director/Chairman of Rocky Mountain Bank (AZ), which was sold on January 31, 2001.

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About MPB Barrons James R. Barrons has approximately 30 years of diversified financial management experience. Since 1985, Mr. Barrons has directed his own financial management and investment advisory firm, providing services to high net worth individuals and professional athletes.

An entrepreneur, Mr. Barrons also owns the majority interest in an outdoor billboard manufacturing company, an outdoor advertising company, and a diversified investment company. Mr. Barrons, together with his partners, has developed a number of hotel properties in Southern California and currently holds an ownership position in several residential communities, office buildings and has built several custom homes for resale in his developments. An active investor in land throughout Arizona, Mr. Barrons has participated in the entitlement and planning process of numerous residential, commercial, and mixed use developments throughout the community.

After graduating from the University of Michigan-Dearborn, Mr. Barrons went on to become a certified public accountant while working for the international accounting firm of Touche Ross and Company. Mr. Barrons then went into corporate management as the Vice President of Columbia Pictures Communications that eventually was acquired by Coca Cola Company. Before establishing his firm, Mr. Barrons worked with a well-diversified investment company with interest in real estate and media properties.

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About MPB HaggardStephen P. Haggard has a successful and comprehensive commercial banking background, and has been involved in the executive management of several Phoenix area commercial banks. Most recently Mr. Haggard was involved at the “ground level” organization of De Novo institution, Arizona Bank & Trust, which began operations in 2003. Mr. Haggard was the Executive Vice President/Senior Loan Officer and was responsible for the development, implementation and risk management oversight of all lending functions of the bank. Mr. Haggard was heavily involved in all executive management decisions, which included: strategic planning, asset/liability management, regulatory compliance, deposit generation and human resource issues. Although not a member of the Board of Directors, Mr. Haggard was an attendee at all bank board, and director's loan committee meetings.

Additionally, he was successful in the identification and employment of the majority of the commercial lending, loan processing and cash management staff of the bank, while maintaining overhead below budget.

As the catalyst behind much of the bank's commercial loan and deposit growth, Mr. Haggard helped facilitate the rapid success of the De Novo institution. Within 18 months of operation, the bank exceeded $100MM in total assets and achieved month-to-month profitability, while maintaining a strong credit quality. Mr. Haggard was the “driver” behind much of the business development activity of the bank.

Prior to his tenure with Arizona Bank & Trust, Mr. Haggard was employed by Mesa Bank as a Vice President of commercial lending, beginning in 2001. Mesa Bank, a community bank located in Mesa, Arizona was an emerging commercial bank that saw improvement in its earnings during his tenure. Additionally, the credit quality was maintained at a very high level. Responsibilities included business development and commercial lending within the Phoenix Metropolitan area. As the business development and a senior commercial lending officer, he was responsible for the promotion, development and safety & soundness of the bank's loan portfolio.

Between 1994 and 2001, Mr. Haggard was involved in senior management of Rocky Mountain Bank, a community bank located in Chandler, Arizona that was considered to be a “turn-around” project. Mr. Haggard had numerous responsibilities during his seven year employment with the bank, including the position of Chief Credit Officer. Under Mr. Haggard's management of the loan department, the bank successfully grew the loan portfolio from $9MM to $93MM. His tenure with that Bank culminated with the management of seven commercial loan officers, five loan processors and nine branches and the highest CAMEL rating available. Administrative responsibilities included strategic planning & budgeting for that Bank, development and implementation of lending policies and procedures, the recruitment, training and supervision of the lending personnel, establishment of pricing guidelines for products and services offered, and the identification of new markets and products. Mr. Haggard was a regular attendee of the Board Meetings, acting as the spokesperson for all lending issues pertaining to the Bank. During different stages of his tenure with Rocky Mountain Bank, Mr. Haggard held positions that included Loan Review Officer, Compliance Officer, and CRA Officer. As the Compliance and CRA Officer, he was responsible for the Bank's compliance with federal regulations and disseminated regulatory information throughout that Bank as it became published. As the Loan Review Officer, he was responsible for the integrity of loan ratings assigned to the credits.

Mr. Haggard has spent his entire professional career in the commercial banking industry. Initially employed by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation's Division of Supervision, Steve spent his first two years as a bank examiner in Kansas City Region of the FDIC, subsequently transferring to Phoenix, Arizona in 1992. Participating in numerous safety & soundness, compliance, trust and EDP examinations, Steve achieved his “Commissioned Bank Examiner” status with the FDIC in 1993.

Mr. Haggard is a 1989 graduate from the University of Iowa, with a Bachelor of Business. Administration Degree. A Major and Minor were obtained in Finance and Economics respectively.

Mr. Haggard has demonstrated success in all of the prerequisite responsibilities and duties necessary to serve as the President & Chief Executive Officer of Metro Phoenix Bank. He is a results-oriented, decisive leader that has substantial direct executive management experience in driving sound growth in de novo, emerging, and “turn-around” community banks. He has 17 years of extensive experience as a “complete” commercial banker in the community banking industry, and has 14 years of intensive business development experience in the Phoenix marketplace.

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Mr. Bisetti has not only achieved an impressive track record of being an entrepreneur but also has real-world banking knowledge. Mr. Bisetti currently owns/operates a Scottsdale-based commercial art gallery known as Think Art Gallery that provides wholesale art to a variety of clients such as custom home builders, interior designers, and architects. For the last 28 years, Mr. Bisetti has also owned Bisetti’s Italian Restaurant located in Fort Collins, Colorado. This family-owned restaurant later expanded into the dessert industry through Bisetti’s Desserts. Mr. Bisetti had grown Bisetti's Desserts into a wholesale food distribution service that spanned 13 western states, later selling the dessert division in 1997. Since then, Mr. Bisetti has been active in commercial real estate endeavors ranging from brokerage services to real estate development.

Additionally, Mr. Bisetti served as a Board member for a number of years for a successful nine-branch Colorado community bank having total assets in excess of $800 million. This practical hands-on banking experience provided Mr. Bisetti with an invaluable frame of reference and industry knowledge that very few professionals can bring to a bank's board table. He is also a former member of the Regional Development Council of the Northern Colorado Community Foundation and Colorado State University College of Business Global Leadership Council.

Robert and his wife Heather have two grown children who both attended the University of Arizona. In his spare time, Robert enjoys golfing, reading and playing the drums.

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Mr. Gardner is the owner and President of Page Steel, Inc., which specializes in structural steel fabrication projects, steel sales, and scrap recycling. He has successfully guided the company over the past 35 years, navigating through the highs and lows of a number of economic cycles. Mr. Gardner's other business ventures include ownership of Page Lumber, one of northern Arizona's largest providers of building supplies, and President of Page Steel Transportation, which operates a fleet of tractor-trailer units.

Along with his successful business ventures, Mr. Gardner is continuously giving back to his community. He has been affiliated with the Boy Scouts of America for over 30 years and has assisted in fundraising projects such as the annual Page Steel Boy Scout Golf Tournament. Mr. Gardner is an avid aviation enthusiast and private pilot. Doug has been married to his wife Sherri for 30 years and has five children.

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About MPB Jones

Lori R. Jones has been a member of management with Salt River Project (SRP) for the past 17 years. During that period of time, her career experiences encompassed energy services, sales management, facilities management, construction management, customer billing, and customer service. In her current role, she is responsible for Maintenance Services.

Mrs. Jones also represented SRP as an "executive on loan" to Fresh Start Women's Foundation (FSWF), a non-profit organization offering counseling, mentoring, educational, legal, e-learning, and career counseling services for women who are facing transitional needs in their lives. Mrs. Jones led building facilitation efforts for the Jewell McFarland Lewis Fresh Start Women's Resource Center. When the Center doors were opened in October 2002, FSWF was the first comprehensive, self-help facility for women in the country.

In addition to her position with SRP, Mrs. Jones and her husband co-founded CDC Pools, Inc., which is one of the state's largest swimming pool renovation companies. CDC has been in operation since the early 1990s and has established itself as an industry leader in integrity, quality, and volume.

Mrs. Jones graduated from Western International University with her Masters' degree in Management and from Arizona State University with her Bachelors' degree in Interior Architecture. In addition to her continued involvement with Fresh Start Women's Foundation, Mrs. Jones is active in Paz de Cristo, Red Mountain Community Church, and other community organizations. She served on the boards for the Arizona Association of Industries and the Illuminating Engineering Society of North America. She is also an active participant in Compassion International and in SRP Volunteer, Booster, and Political Involvement Committee (PIC) programs.

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About MPB Keene

Matthew S. Keene, MD is a physician, entrepreneur, and business leader. Dr. Keene attended Georgetown University School of Medicine on a full military scholarship and graduated with multiple honors. He received his residency training at the prestigious Cleveland Clinic Foundation. Upon completing his residency, Dr. Keene served as a Major in the United States Air Force.

After serving his country, Dr. Keene Co-founded the Scottsdale Center for the Advancement of Neuroscience (S.C.A.N.), an internationally recognized "Center of Neuroscience Excellence." The success of S.C.A.N. caught the attention of several Fortune 500 healthcare companies, including Medco Health Solutions (NYSE: MHS). He joined Medco and served as Vice President in order to create and direct their Neuroscience Therapeutic Resource Center, developing programs that brought value to the company while improving the lives of 10 million patients.

In addition to his work as a physician and leader in professional education/clinical program development, Dr. Keene's corporate experiences and entrepreneurial spirit have afforded him the opportunity to manage and invest in several real estate/business developments. He owns/manages multiple investments nationwide, encompassing farming, fuel storage, healthcare, retail, and multifamily projects.

Dr. Keene is the author of the award-winning book Chocolate is My Kryptonite: Feeding Your Feelings / How to Survive the Forces of Food. He served as a consultant to The Oprah Winfrey Show, America Talks Health, Wall Street, and several national periodicals. He currently directs one of Arizona’s premiere outpatient chemical dependency treatment programs and serves as a consultant to multiple pharmaceutical companies as well as The Arizona Medical Board.

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About MPB StephensonMichael R. Stephenson is the owner of Stephenson Capital Resources, a private investment company that primarily provides venture capital and private money loans to businesses and real estate developers in Arizona. Although a large portion of Stephenson Capital's portfolio is now real estate related, Michael Stephenson brings over 43 years of ownership and managerial experience in business and industry. Stephenson's business fundamentals and disciplines were developed over a span of 18 years, while working in upper management of major appliance companies such as Raytheon and McGraw Edison. Mr. Stephenson was directly responsible for sales and marketing activities for each of the companies.

Thereafter, Stephenson took the position of Division President for Wickes Companies, Inc. Under Mr. Stephenson's tenure, the kitchen cabinet division of Wickes grew to the 5th largest kitchen cabinet manufacturer in the nation. Over the past twenty years, Mr. Stephenson has been an active entrepreneur, starting and successfully selling five manufacturing companies in the plastic, foam, vinyl, and store fixture industries. The largest company, which sold store fixtures to Walgreens and JC Penny, generated sales volume in excess of $60 million. In addition to the five companies noted above, Mr. Stephenson was also an active business consultant and investor in a number of other start-up, turnaround, and acquisition business ventures.

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Executive Management Team

About MPB ChauHelen C. DeFusco is Metro Phoenix Bank's Executive V.P., Chief Financial Officer. She is a senior financial professional with an extensive background in banking, which includes financial reporting and analysis, asset/liability management, budgeting and forecasting, branch/back office operations, compliance, internal controls and operational improvements.

Helen started her banking career while in college with Harris Bank in Scottsdale. During her twenty-plus years with Harris, she held a number of senior management positions, which included Assistant Controller, Controller, Regional Controller, Compliance Officer, Y2K Project Manager, Risk Manager, and Chief Financial Officer. She oversaw the opening of several branches, as well as the acquisition of another Arizona bank. During her tenure at Harris, Helen also served as a member on a number of management committees—Executive, Asset/Liability, Audit, Compliance, Risk, Information Security, Community Reinvestment Act, and Bank Secrecy Act.

After she left Harris Bank in 2006, Helen joined Bank USA as their Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer, responsible for the overall financial operation of the bank. At Bank USA, Helen was a key member of the executive management, and implemented strategic plans, prepared and monitored bank's regulatory financial statements, prepared GAAP financial statements, implemented internal budget and forecasting models, managed the investment portfolio, and chaired the Asset/liability Committee. She also managed the loan servicing, credit administration, facility management, and risk management functions of the bank.

Helen earned a Bachelor of Science in Accounting from Arizona State University. She is also an active Certified Public Accountant, and a graduate of the ABA National School of Compliance. Helen was selected as one of the Arizona's Top 100 Women in Business in 2004 and was recognized in magazine feature articles.

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About MPB Morano Michael S. Morano joined Metro Phoenix Bank in July 2012 as the Bank’s Executive Vice President and Chief Credit Officer. Mr. Morano has served several local community banks in the valley and has gained a well-earned reputation as a solid, loyal and knowledgeable banker. He is a seasoned executive in the local market with the experience and commitment to serve the local businesses in the Phoenix metropolitan area.

Prior to joining Metro Phoenix Bank, Mr. Morano held the position of President at First International Bank and Trust and was responsible for supervision of two banks within the Scottsdale market. Since joining First International Bank and Trust in 2010, he enhanced the reporting processes and efficiencies and grew transaction accounts in excess of $5MM and new loan relationships by $7MM.

During 2004 through 2007, Mr. Morano served as President and Chief Executive Officer of Sunrise Bank of Arizona. Mr. Morano joined Sunrise in April of 2004 and successfully re-built and re-tooled the bank into a highly efficient bank. He was directly responsible for improved bank culture and the identification of 27 new employees within the initial 18 months of his oversight. He also reconstituted the board of directors with businessmen that represented a cross section of the business community. Over time Mr. Morano diversified Sunrise Bank of Arizona’s asset base from an SBA focused provider to an efficient multi profit center bank that specialized in commercial real estate lending, commercial and residential lending as well as, government backed lending. Under Mr. Morano’s tutelage, Sunrise Bank of Arizona achieved its three most profitable years in the bank’s eight year history.

Mr. Morano is a relationship oriented executive and has a strong core following of bank clients. He has demonstrated throughout the years that his style of responsiveness and attention to client needs fosters loyalty. Mr. Morano has a core following of 50+ clients that have followed him from bank to bank and have brought depository and lending opportunities to the institutions in which he has served.

Mr. Morano’s former banking experience includes playing a key role in the organization of a de novo community Bank, Scottsdale Business Bank, during 2007 through 2009. He was responsible for bank site selection, name identification, personnel hiring, preparation of regulatory application and financial projections along with vendor establishment. He also held positions as Chief Credit Officer of BankUSA from 2001 – 2004 and Vice President Commercial Lender with Rocky Mountain Bank from 1998-2001. His professional banking career commenced as a safety and soundness bank examiner with the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation; achieved commissioned status. Mr. Morano has been a resident of the Scottsdale and Phoenix market for over 30 years and has been involved in local banking for more than 20 years. He holds a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration (finance) from Northern Arizona University as well as an MBA from Arizona State University. Mr. Morano serves on the Board of Junior Achievement Arizona and is an advisory member to the School of Global Management at Arizona State University.

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Customer Testimonials

"Thank you MPB for working with us to achieve the next step in our growth! Your customer service and banking products are top notch; I can't imagine banking anywhere else."

-Jerry Kleven, Owner Kleven Construction